Unique, Sustainable Plant Design


The Saged Succulent is a unique floral design business that follows a sustainable wildcraft model. We are a seasonal business as we need summers to grow our plants and create our products. 

Our passion is plants while we nurture our earth, being a 100% foam and plastic free business endeavor. All plants are planted on natural elements such as wood, rocks, or pumpkins.

Our specialty bouquets are designed in reusable mason jars. Every piece is intentionally planted to thrive into the season it was created for. As the seasons change simply replant your succulent and give it back to the earth where it grew from.

Custom Succulents


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    Spring Line

    Blue Bird house $74.99

    Yellow Bird House $34.99

    Hanging bird suet feeder planted with succulents $40.00

    All rock bouquets that we offer.

    Large Rock $30.00

    Medium Rock $22.00

    Small Rock $16.00

    Wood pieces vary in size inquire for pricing.

    Wood pieces vary in size inquire for pricing.